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The importance of efficient recruitment in the fight against COVID-19.

In the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic, TNS Solutions developed an antiviral technology that was capable of preventing the spread of COVID-19, reducing its risk of transmission. To execute this critical mission, TNS’s team needed to grow – fast, and Enlizt was certainly up for this challenge. 

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TNS Solutions was born with the mission to support global sustainability through their innovative green solutions, providing health and well-being to consumers all over the world. Their antimicrobial products fight bacteria, fungi and other microorganisms that cause problems in the textile, plastics, ceramics and industrial paint industries. 

It was in the beginning of 2020 when Coronavirus spread throughout the world, affecting millions in its path. TNS Solutions developed an antiviral technology capable of preventing the spread of the COVID-19 virus on different types of surfaces. This solution would ultimately help reduce the risk and speed of contamination and transmission of the virus.  

If TNS Solutions was going to share their product in the market in time to help reduce the spread of COVID-19, they needed to act quicklyIt was decided that the company had to grow and expand its team in order to efficiently accomplish their mission!


TNS Solutions’ recruitment process was extremely cumbersome before 2020. However, this new scenario required speedy recruitment for fast growth, and the HR team was under pressure. The company had to re-analyze their entire hiring process to understand how they were going to be able to attract a large volume of qualified candidates in a short period of time. That’s when Caroline Lenzi, the head of Human Resources at TNS, began looking for hiring solutions.  


TNS’s recruitment process before Enlizt, had many challenges that stemmed from not having an automated hiring system in place. The recruitment team had to screen candidates relying only on the information found on their resumes. Interviews were the only means the team had to truly qualify their applicants. Nevertheless, this strategy was inefficient as it took a long period of time to reach results. 


In addition to screening candidates without the use of automated tools, TNS also had the important task of manually publishing their positions one by one on several different job boards to attract applicants from all over the region. This strategy generated too much administrative work for a return of very poor results. 


Caroline decided that enough was enough. The HR team had to support their company so that it could continue delivering life saving solutions to the market amidst a global pandemic.


One of the most important features that led TNS Solutions to begin using Enlizt as their main recruitment and hiring platform, is the ability to apply assessment tests to their candidates throughout Enlizt’s pre-qualification process. This way, the HR team is able to streamline important questions without having to call candidates directly for an interview, accelerating their overall screening process time. 


All candidates that apply to TNS’s positions answer key questions such as salary expectations, job expectations, professional experience and more, through the questionnaire phase that TNS is able to build on the platform. This instantly resolved their past issues with candidate screening and having to rely on interviews as a means to qualify applicants. Now, all the information the recruitment team needs is a click away. 


Enlizt also provides TNS the ability to invite their hiring managers to participate in the recruitment process and collaborate with the internal recruitment team, without having to schedule extra meetings or rely on email communications. This way, the entire team is involved in selecting great talent in a short period of time. Also, due to Enlizt’s KanBan view, team members can easily identify what is happening in each position, giving the HR team more space and less pressure to have to answer to position updates.  


These features transformed TNS’s recruitment process in days, and gave them the power to screen candidates efficiently to meet their hiring goals and continue to scale.

“When we started looking for platforms to help us restructure our recruiting strategy,  I really didn’t know what to expect. Enlizt has really surprised me, because in addition to streamlining our entire hiring process from beginning to end, it brought us a lot of new applicable insights and amazing results.”

– Natalia A.
Recruiter, TNS  



To accomplish their mission and help fight COVID-19, TNS solutions depended on almost doubling the size of their team. Before Enlizt, the challenge sounded like a true nightmare. However, with Enlizt as a powerful sidekick in hands – TNS’s HR team was able to make anything happen. 

 Enlizt automates all of TNS’s  job postings on the most visited job boards: Indeed and Google Jobs. In addition to automatically sharing their positions on the web, Enlizt also shares the company’s opportunities to more than 400k candidates on the Enlizt candidate App. Before Enlizt, TNS struggled with attracting candidates to their positions, receiving an average of only 20 resumes per opening. Today, TNS receives an average of 85 qualified candidates per opening – increasing their chances of hiring large volumes in a short amount of time.

An indicator that TNS could not measure before Enlizt, was their candidate satisfaction (NPS score). This sometimes caused insecurities as the HR team couldn’t figure out why candidate tracking and conversion was so low. Was their cumbersome process affecting candidate morale? Fast forward to the present day – TNS not only knows how satisfied their applicants are with the HR team’s recruitment process, but they have a whooping 81 NPS score on Enlizt. TNS today, is amongst the top 5 clients on Enlizt with the highest NPS Scores. 

“The candidate feedback we receive today is sensational, and many of our interviewees highlight the positive experience they have during our application process.”

– Caroline Lenzi 

HR Manager, TNS     


TNS’s mission to fight COVID-19 has gained a new meaning with Enlizt. The HR team has more time in their hands to improve their processes and hire strategically. Caroline Lenzi is thankful for their applicant’s continuous positive feedback about their recruitment process.

“I would like to highlight the importance of the entire customer support team at Enlizt who is always ready to help and us give insights that make a huge difference in our day to day.  Enlizt has added agility to our recruitment and hiring process. The biggest win has been the transformation the platform brought to our candidate’s experience!”

Caroline Lenzi

TNS has been awarded for being one of the top 100 most attractive startups (they’re in number 23rd place on the list!) in Brazil and continue to grow their team each day. 

Their solution, Protec-20, which guarantees the elimination of virus in fabrics has been used for several purposes during COVID-19: for masks, PPE’s, lab coats, bedding, workwear and more, benefiting those who are fighting the front lines in Brazil and Latin America, Europe and Asia. 

Enlizt is proud to support a company that has a positive and important role, at this moment in history. 

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