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Enlizt lets your company:

Employer Brand

You can learn a lot about your candidates through an application process, but have you ever wondered how much they learn about your company at the same time?

With Enlizt you can strengthen your employer brand while promoting your business, workplace diversity and career benefits to your candidates!

Strenghten your company brand

Tests and Quizzes

Apply assesment tests and quizzes personalized for each of your positions. Need to speed up your process? Don’t worry, we have auto-correction.

Lacking creativity? Jump on over to our questionnaire library and build your own test! Understand your candidate’s skills.

Create quizzes and tests with automatic correction

Pre-interview videos

Meet your candidates first-hand before scheduling your in-person interviews.

We believe that candidates are more than just their resumes, why not give them the opportunity to showcase their true potential? Humanize your relationships.

Get to know your candidates before the in-person interview

Engage your team

Workplace diversity starts with hiring. Invite coworkers from different departments and backgrounds to participate in your recruiting process.

A hiring decision shouldn’t be made by one single person. With Enlizt, your entire team can vote on applicants and share their opinions with you on the platform. Diversify your team, with the help of your company.

Invite your coworkers to evaluate your candidates

Key Performance Indicators

Are you a fan of keeping track of all your data and position performances?

We have an interactive dashboard made up with key indicators and reports just for you! Justify your recruiting process.

Keep track of key indicators of your recruiting process

Agile Recruiting

Ever heard of Agile Recruiting? We use the same concept of a project management methodology to transform your hiring process into a practical and seamless mechanism.

Create your own KanBan columns and organize your candidates as they advance in your qualification process. Keep your recrtuiting process squeaky clean.

Customize your hiring process

Recruitment Marketing

You will only attract candidates if they know you have an open position, right? We can help you with that!

Enlizt puts your open positions in a series of job boards, increasing your chances of attracting more candidates. Besides that, your company has their own exclusive and personalized URL with all your open positions.

All your open positions in a personalized URL
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