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Qualify your applicants.

Engage your candidates!

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Enlizt lets you:

Market your company brand, culture & values.


Evaluate candidate soft & hard skills.


Meet your candidates before they meet you


Colaborate and vote with team members.


Access personalized key indicators.

No monthly fees.Pay per candidate.

US$1 per candidate who is able to finish your customized application process.

We're 90% cheaper than the top 10 Applicant Tracking Systems.*


Single Price

US$ 1

per candidate

  • Unlimited job postings
  • Unlimited users
  • Screening tool
  • Organized recruiting and selection process
  • Custom built hiring flow
  • Personalized careers page
  • Candidate KanBan
  • Custom candidate application steps
  • Intuitive job creation
  • LinkedIn profile resume integration
  • Company brand presentation
  • Company FAQs for candidates
  • Questionnaires and assessment tests
  • Time and score limits for quizzes
  • Quiz autocorrection
  • Questionnaire database
  • Pre-interview video
  • Collaborative evaluation
  • Notes section for candidate evaluation
  • Email campaigns
  • Automatic job board postings
  • Access to candidate key indicators and reports
  • Automatic Enlizt job app postings
  • Send direct messages to candidates
  • Automatic social media postings
  • Easy access to Enlizt's support team
  • Advanced: API integrations
  • Advanced: Personalize your careers page via JSON
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Enlizt is the perfect platform for your company
Candidate Qualification and Screening

We have the right tools to help you qualify your candidates strategically, and most importantly, as fast as you need.

Customized Application Process
  •   Extensive quiz library for different types of roles
  •   2 minute pre-recorded candidate videos with topic of your choice
  •   Auto-correction option for questionnaires with time and score limits
  •   Unique resumé format for all applications to help your keyword search
Candidate KanBan
  •   Intelligent workflows and orchestration
  •   Collaboration and voting system for internal stakeholders
  •   Prioritize most voted candidates
  •   Different filter types to easily search for candidates within your dashboard
Continuous Candidate Engagement

Attract candidates who are interested in being a part of your company, and engage with them from start to finish!

Career Page for Companies
  •   Exclusive portal to promote your job positions
  •   Your jobs are posted automatically on your careers page
  •   Personalize your positions page however you’d like!
  •   New positions added automatically
  •   Positions shared to targeted audience
  •   Candidates can apply with their mobile phones
  •   Direct and easy communication with candidates
Job Boards & Social Media integration
  •   Google
  •   Indeed
  •   Promote and share the specific open job position link with a customized marketing design
  •   Positions posted on Enlizt social media channels: Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn
Marketing Campaigns & Instant Notifications
  •   Automated and customized notifications sent to candidates during and after their application process
  •   Select qualified candidates from your database and send them email campaigns when new roles open
  •   Send bulk email campaigns do all of your candidate database
Positions and Recruitment Intelligence

All of your recruiting data in one spot.

Metrics Dashboard
  •   Key indicators on open and closed positions
  •   Feedback on your evaluation process (NPS scores)
  •   Volume indicator on candidate page views, dropouts or going application
Organized view for all of your positions
  •   Preview feature
  •   Easy candidate view and quick edit access
  •   View posted, archived and drafted positions
  •   Access to candidates with ongoing applications
How much? Just US$1 per candidate!

Yep, you read that right! Start optimizing your recruiting process for the price you’d like.

Oh! Did we mention we have no monthly fees!?

Clients who’ve hired with Enlizt
“Enlizt is a tool that will facilitate your qualifying processes. You'll have easy access to all of your candidate application with different filtering options, voting options and I quickly can sort out the disqualified candidates from the potential ones. It's my number one work tool and I use it every single day!"

Felipe Eduardo Rosa - HR Manager / Wise&Trust

"Enlizt is a tool that will facilitate your qualifying processes. You'll have easy access to all of your candidate application with different filtering options, voting options and I quickly can sort out the disqualified candidates from the potential ones. It's my number one work tool and I use it every single day!"

Monica Back Westrupp - Human Resources Assistant / Fundação CERTI

"Enlizt brought speed and efficiency to our recruiting processes. We were able to create each stage of our application process within our business reality and culture. Today, we don't just evaluate resumés, we evaluate qualified individuals that fit the exact profile we're looking for."

Tielee Duarte - Talent and Hiring Processes Manager / Vista

“Enlizt has helped us organize the resumes we receive and from days of work we went to hours overnight.”

Maria Eduarda Kincezski - Human Resources Analyst / ACIF

"Enlizt has automated our recruiting process and has created a qualification funnel to highlight top applicants for us. The automated and custom questionnaires help us further analyze candidate’s technical skills and filters out those who are really committed to getting the job. Communication with candidates is much easier with Enlizt and finally, we don’t spend all of our time reading piles of resumes anymore!"

Luan Fernando Pinheiro - Human Resources Manager / Grupo Magamobi

“Enlizt is fantastic. I used to spend, on average, 30 hours per month interviewing candidates empirically. Enlizt keeps my selection process efficient, saves a lot of my time, organizes my interviews and creates an environment where our finalists are actually the ones interested and qualified to get the job. Out of 100 candidates that start our application process, the Enlizt funnel is able to give me the top 5%.”

Murilo Gouvea dos Reis - Co-Founder and Lawyer / Gouvea dos Reis Advogados

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