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Check out below what the experience looks like for candidates and companies.

Companies experience
Candidates experience

Automate your recruiting and qualifying process

Make Enlizt your own

Each job posting and selective process can be tailored to your taste.

Present your business.

Your candidates will understand the culture and values of your business through videos.

Test your candidates.

Elaborate questionnaires for your candidates and Enlizt will take care of the rest.

Pre-Interview in video.

Your candidates will record a quick video, exclusively for your position.

Evaluate with your colleagues

Invite your team to help with the evaluation and rate the candidates from 1 to 5 stars.

Campaigns and Reports.

Search for candidates, send email campaigns, publish jobs and analyze reports.

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'What is the advantage of using Enlizt?'

Check out some results already gathered from businesses who utilize our solution:

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Better time management

Let our system do the repetitive work. You should only worry about evaluating the most qualified candidate.

Attract more candidates

We share your jobs on the Enlizt app and on the best job portals.

Save money

In addition to the famous saying ‘time is money’ we know hiring the wrong people costs (a lot of) money
 Fix hirings through Enlizt.

Hire with security.

You will have the elements necessary to analyze your candidates and make the best decision.

Grow your business with the BEST.

Activate your account in less than 2 minutes.

Some businesses that trust Enlizt:

No monthly fee! You pay only if we succeed!

The most user friendly, seamless recruiting and selection system on the market:

  • Don’t waste time, run away from systems that bring thousands of non-qualified candidates. With Enlizt it’s easy: you decide exactly what you want, and we bring you just that!
  • Use everything. You have access to all the features, and you’re able to create unlimited users and job postings.
  • You only pay for candidates who complete 100% of Enlizt qualifying process.
Price per candidate:
US$ 1

If a candidate completes 100% of Enlizt qualifying process, you pay US$ 1.