Upgrade your recruiting processes with Recruitment Marketing

Recruitment marketing is a discipline within recruitment in which marketing strategies are applied to Talent Acquisition.

Recruitment Marketing is the process of nurturing and attracting talented individuals to your organization using marketing methods and tactics. Even though it has emerged as an HR buzzword, it is now a must-have recruiting strategy.

The 4 goals of recruitment marketing

  1. Make potential candidates aware of your company and open positions
  2. Trigger their interest into your company
  3. Make them consider you as their next employer of choice
  4. Drive talent to apply to the open positions your company has available.


Recruitment marketing strategies have emerged as a consequence of the current situation in the HR industry. Demand for talent has far exceeded its supply, which has  resulted in the “War for Talent”. In this war, the ones with power are the employers who can easily attract talent.

Candidates have many job options to choose from today, and they choose these opportunities the same way they buy products and services. For those reasons, advertising jobs and searching for talent has become very similar to advertising products and searching for customers. In other words, employers must treat their candidates as clients today, more than ever before.


Can you see how the word “Marketing” ended up next to Recruiting?


Unlike a couple years ago, the recruiting process today, is much more complicated and lasts much longer. In fact, successful businesses must always recruit, even when they don’t have open positions available.

The Candidate Journey has switched from application, selection and the hiring stage, to a much longer funnel that looks like this:

In the first 3 stages, candidates seek to learn more about a company’s reputation and their employee value proposition. Applicants look for information about current employees, the company’s benefits and culture, career and growth opportunities, interesting projects and events.  

Modern recruiters, using marketing tactics, know how to “market” themselves as employers and trigger candidates’ interests in the early stages of their candidate journey.


The Importance of Marketing in your Company

marketing attracting candidates

The Benefits of Recruitment Marketing?

Its main goal is to follow the latest trends in the market, and offer solutions to the companies that best overcome these new challenges.

Instead of posting your job listings on websites or job boards that show them to candidates from every category/area of expertise, you have other ways to communicate with your audience. Announcing your job opportunities on specified platforms is one of those options, they also tend to be cheaper and the overall process is faster and more efficient.

When you have a target audience, you’re trying to reach a select group of people. Instead of speaking to everyone, you direct your communication to professionals who have the ideal profiles and skills you’re looking for. This way, you start attracting candidates who really matter for your job opportunities.

In the dating universe, with apps like Tinder, we call this a “match” – when there’s a mutual interest between both sides. Even though your message goes out to less people, they tend to reach candidates who are more qualified and that fit your job requirements better.

With Recruiting Marketing, you can show the job seekers, through a personalized and automated way, a series of important information: from your company’s values to the reasons you have a job vacancy. All of this is done through a faster and more efficient process.


So… An ATS can help you in Recruitment Marketing?

With Enlizt you are able to communicate with your candidates through email campaigns or even direct messaging. Besides that, you’re able to create a personalized hiring process for each position, selecting only the qualified candidates and evaluating them one by one. Enlizt also cares about your company’s image.

There’s an option to showcase a corporate video, giving your business more visibility and showing clearly your brand and culture to all candidates. These features were implemented to make sure that only the candidates who are actually interested in your application process will apply, and of course, all of this also helps with your company’s advertisement and marketing.

The best way to find out if a candidate really wants to work in your company, is showcasing it to them?


Take a look at what Enlizt has to offer:





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