Talent Pipeline how to build it

Talent Pipeline: Understand the importance of building one for your company

A great struggle for recruiters today is reconnecting with qualified professionals who have already participated in their application process and were previously eliminated from this process for a non-detrimental reason. For this reason, the creation of Talent Pipeline. 

What is a Talent Pipeline?

This term is often used in the world of Recruitment to symbolize different types of candidate  pools.  However, it’s important to understand that within a Talent Pipeline you are interacting and managing only  qualified candidates – those who already have had a previous“match” with your company. By using Talent Pipeline you can easily find potential candidates for your open positions. Oftentimes, these candidates   are ready and qualified to fill your  new opportunity.

What problems does building your own Talent Pipeline solve?

It saves your team time from having to redo an entire recruitment process from start to finish when new job opportunities are open. 

Since you already have potential qualified candidates organized by skill sets, experience and background within your Talent Pipelines (and at the tips of your fingers), your team won’t have to re-market and advertise the position all over again.

It decreases the time spent in the process of hiring new talent.

With your Talent Pipelines you’ve already been introduced to, at least superficially, to your candidates and their experiences. This allows you to decrease the time spent on screenings and potential interviews. 

It helps you attract more qualified candidates to your job opportunities.

The fact that your team  will not need to go the extra mile to handle an external recruitment process to get to know incoming applicants through an extremely time-consuming process, speeds up your hiring time by helping you focus on inviting the applicants that have already been qualified previously.   

Understanding the difference between a traditional resume bank and Talent Pipelines

A  resume bank is often a very old and traditional way of managing applicants’ resumes. There are companies that might accumulate more than 10,000 resumes in their hands,  simply because they have not had access to recruitment tools that help them build their own Talent Pipelines. This makes it extremely difficult for hiring teams to easily find and engage with  applicants within this bank , in regards to  new  job opportunities.  

If HR teams don’t have a well defined recruitment process and strategy for building Talent Pipelines within their Applicant Tracking Systems, C candidates will have an easy way to simply send their resumes to the company’s ‘resume bank’ causing this bank to accumulate, which results in applicants not hearing back from recruiters simply because recruiters are have hard time finding the needle in the haystack.  

Your Talent Pipeline should already be  built around the future possible hires for your company. This way, your search for new talents will be much more assertive, since you will be sending these opportunities only to the applicants who fit the requirements of the position. Another great strategy that can be implemented in your Talent Pipeline is to organize your talents according to their different qualifications, experiences, location, willingness to commute, skillsets, interests and more.   

Why is it important to build a Talent Pipeline? 

1. It makes the hiring process more efficient for your team. 

2. It opens up a referral channel of quality and previously qualified candidates, eliminating the need for ‘cold calls’ and screening interview processes

3. It reduces your  time to fill KPIs and gives you more accurate and reliable results.

How you can build your Talent Pipeline inside Enlizt.

Enlizt works as a platform where candidates can apply for positions in several companies. So when you, the company, register on our platform and begin to receive the most varied candidates you will be able to create your Talent Pipeline inside our platform. 

Within the virtual ambience you will have the possibility to see all the candidates divided into a candidate pool, all the candidates and a talent pipeline created and customized by you. So, although you receive several applications, of all kinds, you will be able to make a selection of the most qualified and who best fit your company, adding them to your Talent Pipeline based on your own criteria (experiences, skills, location, etc.) facilitating the selection process and bringing optimization and efficiency results to your hiring process. 

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