Org Learning

Organizational Learning: How to apply and innovate your company

Whether you’re a CEO, a leader, or an employee, one thing is a fact: Being a lifelong learner is a key to personal and collective professional success. That’s why it’s important to understand that having the right opportunities to gain new knowledge and improve existing skills is a big step towards career development, and these opportunities can come in many different forms. The concept of Organizational Learning comes from the idea that the achievement of multiple skill sets based on corporate demands can happen in different ways, such as through the exchange of experiences among colleagues. 

In fact, Organizational Learning Theory goes further and brings the notion that this knowledge generated and created within a work environment can be used within the organization itself to innovate and solve problems effectively and practically. To achieve this goal, it’s necessary that the company develops a strong learning culture and undertakes other actions. For example: develop a culture that values internal knowledge sharing and interaction amongst employees, take time to promote learning from failures, encourage employees at all levels to continue their education regularly, and allow individuals and teams to innovate within the corporate environment.

Including organizational learning in your business can bring fantastic results! 

Some of these benefits that stem from fostering organizational learning are: increased employee satisfaction, increased customer satisfaction, lower turnover rates, higher productivity (and consequently profits!), professional development at all levels, and greater adaptability to the organization. In addition, companies that encourage and invest in organizational learning become more competitive in the marketplace and are better able to react quickly to market changes.

Does this sound too complicated?

Don’t worry: it is easier than you think! If you want to analyze how the result of inserting organizational learning in your company would be, invest in BenchMarketing actions to observe good practices from other companies and their positive results. 

Now that you’ve decided to include organizational learning in your business…

We’ve separated some tips that will help you in this process! 

Invest in employee development. Promote courses, workshops, lectures to make learning a constant routine. 

Another good exercise is to promote monthly brainstorms with teams from all areas to study cases or solve challenges together.

Always encourage the team to reflect on mistakes or projects that didn’t go so well. Create a learning opportunity out of a frustrating event.  

Allow and encourage questioning and curiosity within your company culture. Stimulating your employee’s will to learn leads to innovation and growth.

If you want to know more about how you can make Organizational Learning a reality in your company, speak to one of our specialists!