Is there such a thing as a blind recruitment?

Don’t worry, the term ‘Blind Recruitment’ doesn’t mean you’ll be hiring someone without interviewing them. In this blog we’ll explain how it works and how it can help your business.

Blind Recruitment is a type of recruitment process that’s becoming a lot more common amongst companies due to its beneficial results. It’s considered to be an ethical and assertive way of approaching talent during the hiring process, giving recruiters a better overview of candidates.

With the help of a recruiting platform or service that provides a filter functionality, recruiters can pre define a type of profile and certain requirements needed for their open positions, this allows them to base their candidate evaluations solely on professional information, rather than personal aspects.




So, what is Blind Recruitment?

Blind Recruitment is a hiring process used to lower the chances of discriminating against candidates (consciously or unconsciously) based on any personal prejudices or by ignoring professional aspects in their profile. These techniques are adopted by companies who wish to have a diverse work environment and strengthen their teams.

Blind Recruitment has many advantages and allows candidates to be evaluated “anonymously”. This helps eliminate any personal inclinations and prejudices amongst recruiters.


How does it work?

Most recruiting softwares in the market with filtering options and/or criteria selection, discard  personal information that might be characterized as discriminatory. These tools take into account the company’s hiring criteria and pre-set filters, then deliver the candidates who are best fit for the job position. Information such as gender, age, marital status, address, city, ethnicity, parental status and other personal aspects are not shared.


Spotlight on the professional profile

Personal information is set aside during the selection process making the candidate’s professional profile the focus of Blind Recruitment. The evaluation team will make decisions based on technical characteristics, skills, qualifications and behaviors aspects. These principles must be taken into account during all stages of the evaluation process. Therefore, in case there is more than one recruiter evaluating the same candidates, all of them must use the same criteria.


Success Stories

Major companies are starting to incorporate Blind Recruitment in their hiring strategy,  and now this type of recruitment is gaining the attention from startups and small businesses.

Nubank, the largest FinTech in Latin America,  has been the pioneer in Blind Recruitment in the Southern Hemisphere. As a result, their teams became more diverse and there has been growth in their performance and business.


Blind Recruitment benefits

The benefits that Blind Recruitment can bring to your company are as followed: 

  • Increase in productivity: Using a recruiting process in which gender, ethnicity or educational background  is not taken into account, can bring more efficiency into your selection process in a short time period;
  • Diversity: Diversity is one of the main advantages of blind recruitment. You can bring a variety of cultures to your workplace, broadening the opportunities of growth and sharing knowledge;
  • Brand Marketing: Diversity, more important today, than ever before,  also contributes to your companies image, not only to investors and prospects, but also to clients and employees;
  • Assertiveness: A Blind Recruiting process focuses on the professional qualifications your candidates bring to the table.  Therefore, it’s considered a more assertive selection process;
  • Cost Reduction: If your recruitment process becomes more assertive, there will be a  reduction in cost with the decrease of employee turnover.


With Enlizt you can do it!

Blind Recruiting doesn’t stop you from applying in-person interview strategies in the later stages of the selection process. Learn more about Enlizt and understand how it promotes Blind Recruiting! 






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