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How many resumés do you have to review individually every day?

Recruiters… How many resumés do you have to review individually every day? Have you ever thought about having a platform where you can filter candidates by skill, language, test scores, specific answers to custom questions, professional experience, education and more? Save time and money with an automated platform like Enlizt. Visit www.enlizt.com and sign up!

Por em 10/04/2018

Fourth Industrial Revolution: 3 professional skills to master, why and how.

       The Fourth Industrial Revolution is coming, if not here already. It’s characterized by the “Era of Technologies”: a fusion between our physical, digital, and biological dimensions. In other words, fields such as artificial intelligence, 3D printing, robotics, nanotechnology, genetics, biotechnology, and machine learning are collaborating and building on top of each other […]

Por em 10/02/2018

Start with an 100% automated recruiting and qualifying process

Recruiters, 1) There are about $19,8 billion dollars spent in the world, each year, in unsuccessful hiring. 2)$130 billion dollars is the amount the world spends on unproductivity. 3) ONE bad hire can cost you up to $840k – imagine how much that costs the U.S per year altogether. Ouch! This video will break it […]

Por em 09/27/2018

4 Facts You NEED To Know Before Writing A Job Description

Who thought writing a job description would involve statistics? Don’t worry, we got you covered!  The numbers below are based on real, strategic reports made by researchers in the HR industry that will help you write an impactful job description tailored just right for attracting the right candidates. 1) Choose Character Count Wisely  According to Appcast’s […]

Por em 09/25/2018

Time IS money when it comes to recruiting!

Hey Hiring Managers, As the old saying goes: Time is Money! Your team can be spending time, and consequently, money on hiring costs and manual tasks associated with recruiting – that could otherwise be invested in other, more valuable work. Cost Per Hire: Between $1633 – $4669 Time to Fill Role: Between 30-45 days Approximately […]

Por em 09/24/2018

Stuck in a sticky recruiting situation?

Hey, Recruiters! Have you ever been stuck in any of these situations? -Your HR team is not receiving enough qualified resumés for open roles and, as a result, this takes a toll on your company internally… -It takes up to days or months to find candidates who are qualified for an interview, ultimately slowing your […]

Por em 09/20/2018

Automate now – 30 day Enlizt discount!

Hello Hiring Managers! If you’re updated on innovative recruiting practice trends, you probably know by now what Enlizt is, right? Not yet? Let’s get you up to speed! Go to www.enlizt.com, sign up and start your 100% automated recruiting process today. We currently are offering a discount that you can’t miss out on, it’s only valid […]

Por em 09/17/2018