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How do you attract candidates with your job description?

Here are some tips on how to attract qualified candidates with an efficient job description! 1. Get straight to the (bullet) point: List the objectives of the role in a bullet-style format and try not to exceed 5 bullet points. With concise, clear information, your candidates will have a better understanding of what the role […]

Por em 02/15/2019

Enlizt Customer Testimony of the Day – Felipe Rosa (Wise & Trust)

Wise & Trust is an American Fintech company whose aim is to offer investment opportunities into the rapidly growing digital assets market with the support of artificial intelligence. Felipe Eduardo Rosa, People and Process manager, found that Enlizt gave him the opportunity to find the qualified and rare professionals he needed for this industry! Check […]

Por em 02/11/2019

15 Recruitment tends to implement in 2019

Recruiting in 2019 is much different than it was last year. Check out this infographic by TalentLyft of the 15 recruiting trends to implement in 2019! https://www.talentlyft.com/en/blog/article/114/15-recruiting-trends-in-2019-infographic

Por em 02/08/2019

What are your thoughts on A.I?

A new survey suggests more Americans support the development of Artificial Intelligence than oppose it. What are your thoughts on A.I? Does your opinion depend on how the A.I would be used? https://www.theverge.com/2019/1/10/18176645/ai-robot-survey-america-public-opinion-future-of-humanity-institute  

Por em 02/06/2019

What are companies saying about Enlizt?

Rezolve Technologies is Enlizt’s biggest cheerleader so far. Since the company uses the platform for 100% of their recruiting and hiring processes, we’ve asked them to give us our first testimony of the year! William Benitez, who is a part of the Rezolve Solutions team, told us what his experience has been like so far […]

Por em 02/04/2019

Enlizt Black Friday!

If you are spending a lot of time analyzing resumes, doing unnecessary interviews and need to improve the way you recruit in your company, today is your lucky day. With Enlizt you can share your company values, create assessment tests and get to know your candidates through pre-interview videos. Set the right expectations, hire the […]

Por em 11/22/2018

Enlizt at LAXTech Recruit!

We had the pleasure of attending & sponsoring LAXTech Recruit this past week (11/13/18)! It was an inspiring event that highlighted the upcoming trends in recruitment and educated us on the importance of technology and the value of human intelligence in this industry! Thank you, Stacey Broadwell,¬†for having us and creating such a fantastic event! […]

Por em 11/19/2018