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The Ghosting Phenomenon: The New Trend Haunting Recruiters & Job Seekers

Ghosting has become a unique but negative trend that’s recently dominated the recruiting and hiring industry. It’s the Michael Myers of recruiting, a cold-blooded act of ignoring, purposely forgetting or avoiding the person who you were in recent communication with. Today, more than ever before, employers and job seekers have been finding themselves ghosted by […]

Por em 10/31/2018

Fourth Industrial Revolution: 3 professional skills to master, why and how.

       The Fourth Industrial Revolution is coming, if not here already. It’s characterized by the “Era of Technologies”: a fusion between our physical, digital, and biological dimensions. In other words, fields such as artificial intelligence, 3D printing, robotics, nanotechnology, genetics, biotechnology, and machine learning are collaborating and building on top of each other […]

Por em 10/02/2018