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HR: How To Strategize For 2019

At this end of the year, you only hear about one thing: 2019 Strategic Planning! All departments within a company need to strategize to survive in this competitive market. To do this, they are starting to organize themselves and are putting a plan together to launch it into action in 2019. The Human Resources department […]

Por em 11/29/2018

Part 1: How beneficial is an efficient recruiting process?

According to these statistics made from this ICMS recruiting report, 78% of employees say that the overall candidate experience they receive is a direct indicator of how a company values its people. This conception among employees leaves you with the tough job of creating an engaging candidate experience characterized by transparency, communication, and honesty. However, […]

Por em 11/14/2018

4 Facts You NEED To Know Before Writing A Job Description

Who thought writing a job description would involve statistics? Don’t worry, we got you covered!  The numbers below are based on real, strategic reports made by researchers in the HR industry that will help you write an impactful job description tailored just right for attracting the right candidates. 1) Choose Character Count Wisely  According to Appcast’s […]

Por em 09/25/2018

3 Reasons Applicant Tracking Systems Are Failing You Today.

An applicant tracking system, or an  “ATS” – is a software that enables recruiters to manage and perform tasks associated with a company’s recruiting process. It is the initial entryway to a candidate’s application process. ATS softwares are embraced by almost all companies as they make tasks less burdensome for HR teams, allow applications to […]

Por em 09/09/2018