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We’ve come to the third part of our practical tips, which will ultimately help you as a recruiter be more successful in choosing and qualifying their candidates.

Let’s go!

1) During your in-person interview, act respectfully towards the candidates that are sometimes nervous and worried.

2) Breaking the ice should be tasked to you. When the interview flows naturally and organically the candidate will remain calm which makes speaking to the candidate easier.

3) After your interview, it’s important to give feedback to those who are not going to move forward in the application process. Don’t wait too long to reach out to candidates, put yourself in their shoes!

4) Be honest throughout the entire application process: remember that it’s also the candidate’s choice, so give them the opportunity to fully understand the company and the challenges that come with this new role. Don’t sell a vision of something that doesn’t exist! With Enlizt (https://enlizt.com) you can apply all of these tips into your automated recruiting process in a practical and engaging way. Learn more now!

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