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How is the recruiting process of your company?

According to Talentlyft, the majority of candidates are sharing negative experiences regarding their application processes and usually stop a process that is taking too long. To turn these numbers around, we must think of our candidates as clients, and put ourselves in their shoes. Would you enjoy your company’s current application process? What would you […]

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How to create the perfect position for the perfect candidate?

It’s not always easy to find the best employee for your company. It takes into consideration many factors, from the job listing to the application and hiring process… but it doesn’t have to be as painful and boring as it looks. Listing a job position may be one of the key factors in your hiring […]

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Is it really possible to evaluate a candidate in 10 seconds?

30% of recruiters say they discard resumes in up to 10 seconds. A research performed by a recruitment company shows that 30% of recruiters take between 6 to 10 seconds to discard/eliminate a resume for an interview. The average resume evaluation time is 29 seconds, 80% of recruiters don’t take 1 minute to evaluate a […]

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HRTechnology needs to care about Candidates

Our team cares a lot about the efficiency and agility of your company’s recruiting processes. We care just as much about your candidate’s experience, that’s why we try our best to make our application process an engaging and interactive one, all online. We’ve asked our Enlizt candidate users to give us some feedback about Enlizt. […]

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Working from home? It’s not as rare as it used to be anymore

Working remotely is not much of a huge privilege anymore, at least not in the United States. It’s become almost a standard of living for at least 50% of professionals in the country. Home office isn’t exclusive to StartUps. Traditional businesses are also adapting to this new ‘style’ of work. Other countries such as Brazil, […]

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Enlizt was a sucess at the Silicon Valley Conference!!

This last weekend we participated in the Silicon Valley Conference, an event that reunited the brightest minds of Silicon Valley for a day of immersion in Technology and Innovation. The sold out event was extremely busy and we spoke to people from all over the country. We’re happy to have discussed what is an up […]

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Silicon Valley Conference, HERE WE GO!!

Silicon Valley Conference, HERE WE GO! Tomorrow (March 30th) in São Paulo, one of the biggest innovation events in Brazil will be happening: StartSe Silicon Valley. The brightest minds in Silicon Valley will come together for a day of learning and networking. Because it’s an event focused on innovation, Enlizt has to go!  We’ll be […]

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Mission accomplished! Enlizt at SXSW!

Sensational! So much has happened!   SXSW started on March 8th and went until the 17th. There were more than 50 panels happening per hour, lounges, networking events, booths and groundbreaking products at display… We were very happy to be selected as one of twenty most innovative projects in Brazil to be invited to this event. […]

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Enlizt has been selected by ApexBrazil to showcase at SXSW!

ENLIZT HAS BEEN SELECTED! With great pride, we’re happy to announce that Enlizt has been selected along with 20 Brazilian companies by ApexBrazil to present our product at one of the greatest  events in the world – SXSW! Enlizt’s Brazil and U.S teams will be present and are excited for this amazing networking and learning […]

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Enlizt at Silicon Valley Conference

Enlizt is excited to be exhibiting at the Start Up Village during StartSe Brazil, a Silicon Valley Conference on March 30th. StartSe – Silicon Valley Conference,  is one of the biggest tech-innovation conferences in Brazil  and as trend-setters ourselves, we wouldn’t miss it for the world! we wouldn’t miss it for the world! Stop by […]

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