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How to make your hiring process more human

A more personal hiring process   The world has become automated. From grocery store checkouts to voice command Amazon orders, it seems everyday life is becoming more machine than human. In the world of recruiting, this is also very true. Chatbots, applicant tracking systems, automated messaging, online assessments, and video interviewing are just some of […]

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Are your candidates not showing up?

How to avoid the new trend of being Ghosted by candidates Imagine you’ve just spent months recruiting the perfect candidate. Their first day finally arrives … but they don’t. You’ve been ghosted. In case you’re not sure what “ghosting” means, Urban Dictionary has the answer: And while it may sound like something that’s only relevant for […]

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Recruiters need to learn about Digital Marketing?

Learning marketing will allow you to better tell your company’s story and attract more of the right candidates. Marketing teams create engaging content with thoughtful messages in efforts to attract more customers. Recruiters should create engaging content with thoughtful messages in efforts to attract more candidates.  Taking a digital marketing course will allow you to […]

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What is the Recruitment Culture like within a Startup?

For a while, startups have been revolutionizing the world’s economy and have been contributing with new ways of thinking and innovative business models. Even in economic crisis, startups have been keeping the economy up and running, bringing investments and technological evolutions to our society.  The opportunities for rapid growth is what defines a startup and […]

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Is there such a thing as a blind recruitment?

Don’t worry, the term ‘Blind Recruitment’ doesn’t mean you’ll be hiring someone without interviewing them. In this blog we’ll explain how it works and how it can help your business. Blind Recruitment is a type of recruitment process that’s becoming a lot more common amongst companies due to its beneficial results. It’s considered to be […]

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Have you ever stopped to think about your employee’s experience?

Employee Experience You probably know about customer experience and how it plays an important role in business growth. However, have you ever wondered how employee engagement affects client experience? To ensure your team’s high performance and keep them committed to your company’s goals, it’s highly important to create an engaging and positive atmosphere for your […]

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Is your HR missing technology?

Does your HR lack technology? Making use of technology is fundamental in today’s world, no matter what business you’re in. In the Human Resources sector, it’s almost a requirement in order to have a more strategic process and gain optimized results. However, the adoption of new  technologies is something most companies don’t pay attention to. […]

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HR statistics for recruitment process

HR has changed the way they recruit Everyone talks about the difference between passive and active job seekers. Passive job seekers are people who are not actively looking for jobs, but would be willing to accept a better offer. Remember, a better offer doesn’t necessarily mean more money. Often times, better offers include ability to […]

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Is your company presenting the right brand image?

How many candidates do you think give up on a job opportunity after watching a company video or reading its job description? Enlizt receives around one hundred thousand  applications every two months, here’s some interesting data we’ve gathered from them. Most candidates give up in the first step of their application process, during the Company […]

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What is Inbound Recruiting?

Inbound Recruiting is a method of creating targeted, branded content for your recruiting center specifically for the purpose of increasing your Employer Brand recognition and candidate engagement with future hires. Inbound Recruiting Definition Inbound Recruiting follows the famous Inbound Marketing strategy; a technique for drawing customers to products and services via recruiting content marketing, social […]

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