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Furniture Outlet Store (Feirão de Móveis), one the largest retail franchises in Southern Brazil, sells home appliances, decor and furniture in 68 stores across 28 cities as well as a growing e-commerce presence. With 100+ open positions and thousands of candidates to manage per month, they knew they needed a scalable recruiting solution to grow their retail business.

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Brick and mortar retailers must adapt to an increasingly complex environment as e-commerce continues to grow triple digits year over year. Not only do storefronts need to continually innovate to meet the demands of omni-channel retail, they must also enable their growth with a hiring strategy that grows with them. The recruitment industry has become more candidate-centric and the new generation of top applicants are turned off to roles at companies that lack a positive hiring process.  It’s a big challenge to take on. 

However, the biggest roadblock these companies face, are usually themselves. As more businesses adopt innovative technologies to keep up with fast-changing markets, retail stores fall behind in the race, as they take on a more conservative approach to change. Retail businesses regardless of size, must leverage technology to avoid disruption, in all areas.

The Furniture Outlet Store team quickly realized in the beginning of 2020, as they were going to open 20 new stores, that now more than ever, they had to rely on advanced technologies to remain relevant, grow and reduce costs. With digital adaptation comes data, and having data during a time of growth and expansion, was an ally the C-Level team at The Furniture Outlet Store needed desperately. 


Rafael Silveira, the Furniture Outlet Store’s head of HR and leader of all recruitment and hiring efforts, has the responsibility of opening both strategic and operational roles within the company. Not only is Rafael the only employee that oversees and manages company-wide recruiting, but he is also behind the scenes of new store openings and hirings.

What made the HR team’s decision to look for modern and scalable recruitment platforms at first, was the fact that the company was going through one of their biggest store expansions yet. It was decided that the team had to improve their hiring processes, especially now that they had a large increase in their demands. 

The Furniture Outlet Store had the main goal to optimize and accelerate all of their hiring processes for their business expansion. 

Looking back at the recruitment strategies they used before Enlizt, Rafael reflects that the store managers simply received too many resumes at any given time, whether the position was higher level or operational, and that delayed hirings and frustrated everyone involved. 

 “It was simply not feasible to evaluate and screen all the candidates that applied to our positions. We lost a lot of time analyzing resumes and constantly feared about losing candidate data due to the way we’d be receiving their applications, mainly through PDFs and printed resumes.” 

Rafael continues, “What made us pick Enlizt out of all our other options, is that the platform improves our team’s experience as much as it improves our candidate’s experience.  All of our position data and candidate indicators, along with activities are easy to access within the platform. The fact that we can also invite all of our hiring managers to login to Enlizt with their own accounts and work side-by-side with the HR team to hire candidates, makes our job much easier and speeds up our entire hiring process.” 

“All of our essential recruitment data is in real-time and easily accessible in the platform, giving more agility to our hiring process and increasing the quality of our hires.”

Rafael S.
HR Recruiter, Furniture Outlet Store  


Once the company decided that they were going to use Enlizt as their primary  recruitment and hiring platform, they had no time to waste. 

From the moment Enlizt’s contract was signed, to the moment the team published their first positions, were introduced and trained on how to use the platform, it only took 6 days. 

The positive results came in instantly in the first week the Furniture Outlet Store started using Enlizt.

In the first 7 days after account activation the company had:

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Today, less than a year after their implementation, these numbers have multiplied drastically and hiring results continue to flourish.  The Furniture Outlet Store counts with a database of approximately 9k qualified candidates and has made more than 300 hires. They’ve had more than 3k candidates record pre-interview videos during the application process and have received 2k assessment test results.

The best part yet has been the candidate feedback the Furniture Outlet Store has received along the way. With a whopping 83 Net Promoter Score, one of the highest scores out of all Enlizt’s clients, they have more than 6k candidates who give the company’s application process a 9 or 10 rate out of 10. 

One of their candidates (who wants to remain confidential) wrote after his application process with the Furniture Outlet Store  “It was the first time I participated in a hiring process where the company asked about me before I even met them, showing interest in the human being behind the resume.”


When the company’s HR Leader Rafael was asked if Enlizt was able to help him save time in his recruitment processes, he answered “So much time! The platform increased my productivity levels at a moment that I needed it the most, keeping our time to hire average at or below 15 days.” 

The HR team’s worry about organizing, finding and keeping candidate information updated, was a challenge they didn’t have to face anymore. Now, thousands of applications are easily accessible with the click of a button within their accountEvery time candidate’s update resume information on their Enlizt profile, changes will automatically reflect onto the company’s database – including the Furniture Outlet Store’s!

The HR team organizes their candidate pool using the platform’s ‘Collections’ feature, which helps them categorize groups of candidates by location, experiences, skills and other criteria. 

Another big concern for the HR team, was creating a job requisition workflow that could be scalable, efficient and applicable company-wide. In the past, the team would receive job opening requests via email by each of the store managers and had to give each manager individual feedback every time changes on the job description or on compensation details would occur. 

Today the Furniture Outlet’s job requisition workflow, has more than 65 participating store managers, franchise directors and C-level members, each within their own allocated department group, set with different account permissions, allowing more flexibility in internal operations. 


As the Feirão de Móveis HR team continues to operate store expansions and recruiting processes, more job openings are created and candidates hired everyday. From what began with 24 positions on Enlizt, grew to more than 150 every month. Today the HR team uses Enlizt to hire company-wide, opening from operational cashiers all the way to high level strategic and corporate positions. The team is excited to see their growth continue to scale effortlessly, and are thankful to be partnering with a platform that not only supports their demands, but also grows with them. 

“I can only praise our experience with Enlizt! It is a wonderful recruiting platform. It speeds up our screening process, giving us more time to add quality and strategy to our operations. I would recommend Enlizt over and over again. 

Congratulations to all the team members involved, who not only give us daily support, but that are always implementing new features that can help our business grow faster and better than ever.”  

Rafael S. 

HR Manager, Furniture Outlet Store

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