Creative Drive Brazil + Enlizt :

A partnership based on trust and proximity.

In 2019, CreativeDrive Brazil, a global content creation agency for many different types of industries, was in need of an Applicant Tracking System to help scale their large team of employees who were based in Santa Catarina, Brazil.

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When CreativeDrive Brazil contacted Enlizt in early 2019, the two companies were coincidentally neighbors of the same office complex in Florianópolis, Brazil. This physical proximity transformed itself into a long-lasting partnership within the next year. In 2019, CreativeDrive Brazil had a team of approximately 300 employees. They believe in a humanized and collaborative hiring process with effective and open communication, most importantly with their ATS provider.


CreativeDrive Brazil’s HR team realized after many months of frustration, that their former ATS provider invested very little time and effort in supporting the team’s needs. This distant communication not only caused insecurity and frustration for the recruiters utilizing the tool, but impacted CreativeDrive Brazil’s overall recruitment process, making it difficult for the company to attain their hiring goals.


José Paulo, the head HR Analyst at CreativeDrive Brazil, reached out to Enlizt after he had become unhappy with the lack of attention and support they had been receiving.

CreativeDrive Brazil was looking for a recruiting solution that had an attentive support team who would solve platform issues, and work with the company’s HR team as needed, to further help create an efficient hiring process.

Jumping to the present moment, today, Enlizt’s Customer Success and Candidate Support teams meet all of CreativeDrive Brazil’s recruitment needs in a fast, personalized and scalable way. Through speedy resolution of support tickets and bi-weekly diagnostic meetings, Enlizt helps CreativeDrive Brazil conquer their daily operations more efficiently.

In addition to having an open and transparent relationship built on communication and trust between the teams, José Paulo is now part of Enlizt’s Client Council Board, an exclusive group of customers who are actively involved in Enlizt’s product roadmap.

“In addition to Enlizt’s intuitive interface, what set Enlizt apart from other solutions, was their promise of attentive customer service.”

-José Paulo

The attentive customer service promised to CreativeDrive Brazil in the beginning of the relationship continues to be successfully delivered. “I speak to José on our main communication channels on a weekly basis depending on his needs. It can be to answer questions, receive feedback on improvements or even to exchange experiences about the recruitment industry” says Camilla Zerlotti, Account Manager for CreativeDrive Brazil’s account. “Our relationship is rooted in partnership. We’re grateful for the trust CreativeDrive Brazil put in us in the beginning and throughout this process.”

“I speak to José on our main communication channels on a weekly basis […] our relationship is rooted in partnership. We’re grateful for the trust CreativeDrive Brazil put in us.”

-Camilla Zerlotti
Account Manager

In addition to personalized support, José adds that Enlizt also brought growth to the company by improving ROI on recruitment expenses due to increased productivity and the platform’s intuitive billing method.

To this day, Enlizt and CreativeDrive Brazil remain strong partners and business neighbors.

“Enlizt is a true partner. Their team is present and attentive on a daily basis. […] Enlizt’s intuitive interface allows us to keep our hiring process organized and hiring managers engaged with each other . I’d recommend their platform to all companies that value customer service and client experience.”

-José Paulo

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