Using questionnaires to speed up your screening process on Enlizt!

Have you ever stopped to think about how many hours a day your  HR team spends to close a single position? When it comes to hiring, jobs that receive a high volume of candidates require days, if not weeks of screening! 

There’s also a catch: you can lose great candidates along the way due to your team’s high demand and  lack of time to analyze every single resume.  So, in today’s post, learn how to use our questionnaires to SPEED UP your screening process and give every candidate a chance to be seen! 

Why are questionnaires so important? 

In your recruitment and hiring process, questionnaires should be a part of your screening process and a method to qualify your candidates. In this stage, you can evaluate the applicant’s hard and soft skills, as well as personality traits that are important to have for the position. 

The types of questionnaires

Within Enlizt platform, we have two types of questionnaires – with auto-correction and without auto-correction. Learn more about the difference between them below: 

Use these types of questions during your screening process! 

Applying these tests on Enlizt

The Enlizt platform has a Kanban system that optimizes your screening process by using the questionnaire feature to your advantage. Within a position’s hiring process (Kanban), you’ll find two primary columns. The first one is “Concluded”, where candidates who didn’t reach a passing score for auto-correction questionnaires will appear. 

 The second column is the “Top Matches” column, where candidates who did pass your assessment test will be located. 

During your hiring process, you’ll be able to search for candidates based on their specific questionnaire answers and also apply new assessment tests as candidates advance throughout your funnel! 

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