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Recruiters need to learn about Digital Marketing?

Learning marketing will allow you to better tell your company’s story and attract more of the right candidates.

Marketing teams create engaging content with thoughtful messages in efforts to attract more customers. Recruiters should create engaging content with thoughtful messages in efforts to attract more candidates. 

Taking a digital marketing course will allow you to think of your recruitment function with the mindset of a marketer. It will allow you to trash the bad ideas faster, and double down on your good ideas.

Here are somethings you’ll be able to do better by learning the fundamentals of a digital marketing course. 

recruiters digital marketing

Candidate Journey

Marketers map out the customer’s journey to understand and improve their experience with the brand. Applied to recruitment, this can be a very effective way to understand your candidates better. That is, understanding how they hear about the company and how many times they interact with a brand before they complete the CTA (Call To Action). Candidates are doing a lot of research on companies before they actually take the time to apply. You need to think about how they are going to interact with your content, where they are interacting with it and ultimately how you’re going to convince them that you are worth their time. 



Candidates aren’t reading your three-page job description. They are probably not watching all 10 minutes of that culture video either. Storytelling is so important in marketing. It’s equally as important when hiring. To tell your story effectively you’ll first need to figure out your Employee Value Proposition (EVP). You need to know what resonates with candidates and employees. Bringing someone into your company that specializes in this could be helpful, but if you don’t have the budget or resources you can take this project on yourself.


Landing Pages

When Marketing creates an advertisement for a product it doesn’t link to the homepage of their website, it directs to a landing page. The landing page is filled with very specific and targeted information designed to convince and convert the visitor to become a customer. These are separate pages on your career site that give specific information about a department, role, or even a location or committee/group. Before you go paying for ads on Facebook or LinkedIn, make sure you have the perfect place to drive that traffic.


Call To Action 

If you have a desired outcome then you need to have a clear call-to-action. If you want them to apply for a job, make sure it’s in the copy, with a link that brings them right to the application.  If you want them to join a talent community then don’t ask them to follow you on LinkedIn or Glassdoor, don’t ask them to apply, just give them the talent community form. 


Communication Channel

It’s mandatory to study and get to know your candidate’s profile, and part of this is identifying which communication channels are being used by most of them. Each channel has their own specific audience.

Our day-to-day is mostly digital, we go from app to app in the blink of an eye. That’s why, when creating your marketing strategy,  place all your bets in a single social media platform – or decide on the one you THINK is the most used.

To effectively make this decision, you have to run tests and analyze their results. Before this, there are essential questions to ask about your platform options:

What is the age range of Pinterest users? And of Facebook? Where are my competitors present? Do I have any competitors on Twitter? How are their interactions with their audience?


This is just the beginning! Have you ever heard of Recruitment Marketing? We published a piece on it recently, you can check it out and discover more reasons as to why you should start applying marketing strategies into your recruitment processes.


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