Hybrid Work: How to build a more productive workplace after COVID19.

Working remotely hasn’t always been the reality for most people around the world. After  COVID-19,  lives were completely changed not just in the personal sphere but in the professional environment as well. Hybrid work models, who oftentimes carried a bad reputation. They were only linked to Silicon-Valley startups, became an attractive solution to a global crisis overnight. Globally, 68% of professionals want their employers to continue embracing the Hybrid Work model in 2021. In the post-pandemic world,  hybrid model has become a permanent alternative to traditional models. And, of course, a new catalyst for faster hires, employee retention, team productivity and overall business growth.  

Understanding Hybrid Work 

The hybrid model is a combination between the remote and in-person office workplace. In the beginning of the pandemic, most businesses were forced to adopt a fully remote model due to safety and health concerns. However, as countries embark into a post-pandemic world, more employers have been adopting the hybrid work model out of necessity. So they are finally grasping the benefits and impact that this new workplace structure brings to their organizations.  

The  4 types of hybrid work models  

1-Flexible Model: Employees decide their own work schedules based on their personal routine and needs.

2- The “50/50” Model: In this model, employees can choose to split their work weeks into 50/50. For example: they can work 3 days out of the week at home, and 2 days out of the week at the office. 

3-By shifts:  With the shift model, employees work alternately with each other between shifts. One coworker takes a shift at home, while the other takes it at the office. 

4-Weekly Model:  In the weekly model, your employees alternate between weeks. Working one week at home and the next at the office. 

Hybrid work increases team productivity! 

Research shows that happiness at work is on the rise after the hybrid work boom. The reason for this is simple, hybrid work gives your team great benefits that improve their productivity at work. 

Before adopting a Hybrid Work Model, consider all your employees.  

Even though statistics show that most employees prefer a hybrid work model over a fixed one, unfortunately not every employee or company has the flexibility, infrastructure or condition to embrace this new trend. 

It’s important to speak to your leadership team, understand how your competitors are facing this challenge. Be transparent with your employees to understand what workplace strategy works best for them. 

Don’t forget, if some of your employees can’t take advantage of the Hybrid Workplace model, there are other ways to keep them engaged and happy. Offering competitive and unique benefits such as unlimited paid time off, maternity and paternity leave or stock options. They are great ways to compensate for a more traditional workplace setting. 

 How we can help. 

If you are going to embrace the Hybrid Work Model, make sure your company has the infrastructure to support this structure. In other words, invest in technology that can create a seamless, transparent and wrinkle-free environment across your teams. 

Understand what technologies support your business and make your HR team’s daily routine efficient. Online communication, employee feedback, team collaboration, recruitment, and onboarding platforms are essential tools to look into, if you want to help your company transition easily into a Hybrid Work model.  

 Enlizt offers hiring teams an online recruitment and hiring process from beginning to end. With our intuitive features, you can easily attract and screen applicants, work closely with hiring managers, schedule remote interviews and more.  

We hope this blog post offers insights on how to begin the conversation of adopting a  Hybrid Work model in your organization!    

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