Creating a great careers page: how to convert your visitors into applicants

When it comes to your company’s hiring  process, your team needs to bring all the greatest strategies to the table to attract qualified and engaged applicants.  Part of this strategy is creating  a  welcoming and informative careers page to advertise your open positions and convert visitors into candidates.

However, simply having a careers page isn’t enough. It’s important to add specific elements to this page so that you can receive positive results.  Keep reading if you want to learn more on how to create an impressive careers page! 

Why is building an attractive careers page so important?

Your careers page is usually the first contact your applicants will have with your company.  This is where they will make their first impressions about your employer brand and we all know first impressions matter! Your career page visitors will be analyzing your company culture and values and overall workplace environment. 

Businesses that follow these tips can increase their applicant conversion rates by 94%. 

How can you create a great careers page that attracts potential applicants?

Now that you understand the importance of creating an attractive careers page, let’s see what type of information should be included on this page to convert great talent. 

1- Convince your candidates that they NEED to be a part of your company! 💡

  • Promote your workplace culture:

This is the time to showcase your company’s values, story, mission, purpose, vision and more. In other words, inspire your future employees and excite them about your company’s past, present and future!

  • Give page visitors an insider glance:

Showcase your team’s day-to-day life! Add employee quotes and headshots, videos, pictures of teams, workspaces and more.  Be creative, candidates love to envision what it’d be like to work for your company! Don’t forget to add a video tour of the office and real pictures of your employees. Forget the stock images! 

  • Don’t forget your ‘out-of-the-box’ benefits 

Offering great benefits is an essential requisite to secure a successful hire in today’s competitive landscape. However, your ‘out-of-the-box’ benefits are the ones that make the real difference to your candidates. These may include: having a pet friendly office, home office stipend for employees, customized career development and more. Promote what makes your company different from the rest.  Give candidates enough arguments to choose your company over your competitors.

2- Create a simple and engaging  candidate experience!💡

If you use a recruitment platform or Applicant Tracking System, like Enlizt, it’s important to make sure your system is integrated seamlessly to your careers page so you’re not redirecting candidates all over the internet. Make sure all your displayed job board positions are also redirected to one single place, this avoids confusion amongst applicants.  

It’s important to make the job search interactive, by adding a search bar, drop down filters or keyword search. You can even keep it simple and organize your positions by department or location. Also, keep in mind your candidate may be looking at your careers page through their cell phones, so keep your web pages responsive to mobile.  

When thinking about your applicant’s experience, having a responsive support or help system should be a big priority! Invest in chatbots, help articles and other tools to answer questions your applicants might have along the way. If you work with a recruiting platform like Enlizt, they should be able to provide their own support services to help all of your applicants, that way you don’t have to worry about it!

How can Enlizt help you?

With Enlizt, you can create your own personalized careers page and add all the essential elements we mentioned here in this post! Our platform offers tools that help you showcase and personalize your company’s employer brand. Add videos, photos, employee quotes, benefits, interactive job search bars, mobile-friendly UX, support bots and more.  

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