Can a Recruiting Platform help you save money?

Will a recruitment platform help your company save money?

We’ve mentioned in our previous post about the cost of manual recruiting. Now let’s talk about how incorporating Enlizt in your hiring process will help you reduce these costs. 

What is Enlizt? Enlizt is an innovative recruitment platform that provides many solutions such as an Applicant Tracking System, Job Board, Recruitment CRM, Brand Marketing Solution, Team Collaboration platform and much more. 


Now let’s get into it:

  • Are you spending too much time analyzing resumes received by email? Your candidates can use Enlizt to look for jobs and apply to positions all in one place either with their computer or on their app. Candidates save time this way and you get to screen them directly through our system. 


  • Are you manually publishing each position on multiple job boards to attract talent? Your positions on Enlizt will automatically be posted on prominent job boards (LinkedIn, Google Jobs, Indeed). This step is entirely automated (saving you a lot of time) and increases your reach, increasing your chances of finding your candidates;


  • Do you have a hard time organizing your candidates and positions? Our platform offers an intuitive Kanban view of your candidates in each position, distinguishing your top matches from the rest. 


  • How do you test your candidate’s hard and soft skills? With Enlizt you can apply quizzes and questionnaires (with automatic correction) for each of your positions;


  • Too many resumes to analyze? Our process allows you to showcase your company the best way possible, allowing you to present to your candidates what you want them to know about you and your team! This way,  you’re most likely to receive candidates who are interested in being a part of your business.


  • Do you spend too much time interviewing the wrong candidates? Instead of meeting your candidates for the first time during in-person interviews, discover who they really are during their application process. With Enlizt you can ask your applicants to record a short 2 minute video approaching a topic of your choice! 


  • Make team decisions! Enlizt makes sure that your entire team is able to weigh in during the hiring process, allowing each member to vote and comment on each candidate you’re evaluating.


Enlizt also keeps logs of every candidate who’s applied to your positions and offers personalized candidate and position indicators. With Enlizt, your company is able to build a strategic and optimized recruiting process. 

Automation and technology can seem scary and costly for most companies, but not if you use Enlizt. Charging only $1 per candidate who finishes your entire application process, you can benefit from all of our other features for free!  We have no monthly charges and offer a pay-as-you-go system, giving you full control over your expenses.

Want to discover what other benefits a recruiting platform can bring to your company? Sign up to see Enlizt in action with no initial costs! 


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