6 ways to attract candidates using these digital marketing strategies

What is digital marketing?

To start our conversation, let’s understand what Digital Marketing is. Basically, we can define Digital Marketing as a set of information and actions that can be used to promote companies and products. In the recruitment market these are replaced by open reqs and your employer brand !

In total, there are six main elements of Digital Marketing that we need to understand. They are: 

SEO (Search Engine Optimization): A search optimization mechanism to promote your product or service within online search platforms. 

Pay Per Click Ads (PPC): Ad strategy to promote search results. With adsyou can segment people with data such as: age, location, device, and others.

Web Design: This is a crucial aspect of your Digital Marketing plan, as it involves user experience, such as your website’s visual identity. 

Content Marketing: Creating content to boost your ads and let your customer know more about what you sell or about your service. 

Social media marketing: Allows you to connect with your customers and engage them with your brand, developing a long-lasting relationship. 

Email Marketing: Strategy to nurture  your leads and engage with potential customers interested in your company by sharing events, promotions, content.

How to add a sprinkle of digital marketing in your recruitment process

Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Contact your marketing team to understand how the company’s SEO is doing. Find out how well your company ranks and how easy it is to find your job page on the web. Because the better your SEO is, the easier it will be for candidates to find your job openings. Even though as a recruiter you may not have extensive marketing knowledge , it’s important to learn a bit more about SEO and  understand how it may  impact your job postings.

Pay Per Click Ads (PPC): This is your  time to shine! You can ask your marketing team for support and run targeted ads on top of your company’s open job opportunities. These campaigns can be run on Google, Linkedin, Instagram, job boards or anywhere else! This strategy usually brings a lot of visitors to your job opportunity. Enlizt does offer this service to clients as well! 

Web Design: It is important to  understand that your company’s career page and website needs to be attractive, intuitive, and up-to-date, as it reflects your company’s essence and values to candidates. 

Content Marketing: You can create blogs, social media pieces, vídeos, TikToks (whatever floats your boat!) and otherimportant  content pieces that gives  insights into your brand, the company, day to day, your employees etc. Add achievements and differentials that can  attract your candidates from your competitors. Important: The more content you put on the web, the more your ranking in search results (SEO) will stand out, attracting both clients and applicants.

Social media marketing: Essential for promoting open job opportunities, sharing company brand  content, photos, and   to engage with potential candidates interested in joining your team. . 

Email Marketing: Have you ever thought of having a mini email marketing strategy to nurture interested candidates and engage with your talent pipeline? You can send company  newsletters, job opportunities and more. 

Most of these elements are quite simple to implement, however, it is very important to ask your marketing team to help you think of the best strategy to optimize and attract candidates in your process while using these marketing strategies!

If your job conversions are low and you need more applicants, here’s how we can help… 

Our team assists clients with two types of marketing services: Job Marketing Ads (Paid Media, PPC) and Linkedin Premium Job Marketing. 

Job Marketing Ads service: Our team of specialists analyze your job description and will create customized ads according to what you are looking for and want to attract. We also make sure that these ads are displayed in a segmented way, that is, to people who have the specific skills and abilities you’re after. 

Linkedin Premium Job Marketing: Our team sponsors your opportunities on the largest professional job board: Linkedin.  We guarantee that your job opportunity will be displayed to qualified professionals. Remember, Enlizt already integrates your open positions with Linkedin automatically. These positions will appear in your company’s profile under “Jobs”, which is different from LinkedIn’s unique  job board!  

If you would like to have a personalized digital marketing service, contact our team of specialists to help you!