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Automation and a strong employer brand, the perfect recipe for a successful recruiting process.

Audaces, a pioneer in technological innovation in the fashion industry, is present in more than 70 countries and has approximately 175 employees. Audaces Brazil has invested in an attractive employer brand that attracts candidates from all over the country. The large volume of resumes the company received soon became a problem for the HR team. That’s when Audaces Brazil and Enlizt’s partnership was born.

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The company Audaces is a world reference in technological innovation for fashion. Over 27 years in the market, they develop solutions that accelerate the creation, development and production of fashion.


The strong influence of the employer brand and the benefits offered such as: health insurance, transportation vouchers, professional development programs, a pet-friendly environment and more, attracts a large volume of candidates interested in working at the company. Despite this being a strong indicator of their successful employer brand, receiving resumes in large quantities becomes problematic when candidate screening is done manually.

For this reason, Marina Gaikoski, a psychologist and recruiter for Audaces for the past 6 years, sought out Enlizt. Before adopting the platform, Audaces’ HR team received hundreds of resumes via email every month.

As a result of the number of resumes received by Audaces, their candidate screening process became lengthy and time-consuming, consequently increasing their average time to hire.

Despite being a leader in innovation in the fashion and design industries, Audaces also had an unattractive careers page with difficult access for candidates. This ultimately impacted their overall applicant’s experience.


When Audaces reached out to Enlizt, they had the main goal of speeding up their hiring time and aimed to optimize their candidate qualification and screening.

The positive results of adopting an automated and intelligent recruitment platform, were noticed in the first month of usage:

Audaces received 2547 visitors, and had approximately 900 candidates begin their application process. Only 271 candidates completed their entire online application process.

The company had 16 open positions at this time, so they received an average of 16 concluded candidates per position.

Enlizt’s technology filtered out unqualified candidates and optimized Audaces overall qualification and screening process.

Today, Audaces receives more than 13,000 visitors on their careers page and has approximately 2,000 qualified candidates in their database since they began using Enlizt. Their average hiring time decreased from 55 days to 25 days, after using the platform.

Marina shares that what interested her about Enlizt in the first place, was the ease of usage that the platform provided and the features that were offered. Another highlight was Enlizt’s flexible pricing plan that made sense for her recruiting demands.

“The way my recruiting process is done through Enlizt helps attract candidates who are in fact more compatible with the position requirements and I end up receiving less unqualified candidates”

-Marina Gaikoski
HR Analyst at Audaces

Enlizt brought greater speed and efficacy to Audaces’ selection process. Today, Audaces has approximately 8 hiring managers who login to the platform and follow the company’s recruitment process with ease. Today, Audaces positions page is easily found on its company website and candidates looking for opportunities can apply to jobs intuitively. Audaces receives approximately 60% of its candidates through Enlizt’s App, a differentiated and exclusive channel, for customers.

Audaces’ HR team quickly realized that their new application process had been fully embraced by candidates due to the feedback they received.

“I thought it was really great to be able to record a video during my application process. It’s different and adds value for both the company and for the candidate, as it doesn’t limit us to our resume and social networks. I really enjoyed being able to talk about my experience!”

-Anonymous candidate

Ever since Audaces began utilizing Enlizt, they share that they’ve been achieving greater reach in terms of employer branding. This reach crossed borders in 2020 when Audaces opened a position in Italy’s Rovereto region, hiring their first international candidate using Enlizt.

Today, the Enlizt team continues to support Audaces with its recruiting demands. Marina reports that with the platform, her processes became more agile,and gave her team greater confidence in their hiring decisions.

“With Enlizt, I gained time in my workday to dedicate myself to other tasks, becoming more productive. The support of the customer success team is fast and efficient, and for these reasons my experience at Enlizt has been excellent.”

-Marina Gaikoski
HR Analyst at Audaces

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