About us

Enlizt was born in 2018 with the mission to transform how recruiting and hiring is done across the world. Our goal is to humanize the application process for both candidates and recruiters so they can reap the benefits of a long lasting, strategic and committed relationship.

Our mission

To help foster the relationship between companies and candidates, providing tools that promote a healthy and engaging interaction.

Our vision

To develop outstanding solutions for businesses to attract, hire and develop talent worldwide.

Our inspiration

Is to help talent worldwide connect to opportunities in a meaningful, humanized way.

Our values

Everyone on the team has an important role to play. We must treat each other as equals, regardless of seniority.

Our customers should receive the best support from our team. We value our clients and treat them with affection and empathy, as partners in our journey.

The expression "I can't" does not exist in our vocabulary.

We will always make lemonade out of lemons (even if there aren't a ton available!). We do the best we can, with the minimum of resources.

Our team is composed of life-long learners; constantly developing ourselves to be the best version we can be.

We take pride in ownership! When we make mistakes, we take full responsibility for them.

We are specialists in Recruitment&Selection
and Strategic Remuneration

Meet our team!

Rodrigo Zerlotti,
Founder & Advisor

Ramon Hoshino,

Carol Farah,

Juliano dos Santos,

Jaime Ramos,
Lead Developer

Camilla Zerlotti,

Mariana Borges,

Aline Ribas,
Recruitment and Selection Specialist

Eliabe Bonifacio,
Commercial Manager

Kiara Urnau,
Compensation Analyst

Marília Silva,
HR Intern