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Customers Testimonials

luana-grangeira- avant-health-professionals

"I use Enlizt everyday and love it! Our job requirements are very unique, and Enlizt has been able to help us adapt as much as possible and cater the platform experience to our specific needs.”

Luana Grangeira, Avant Healthcare Professionals

"Enlizt eliminates candidate dropouts by giving tons of information to candidates upfront about our company and requirements. It’s an easy-to-use platform that helps us recruit with a more human touch, which is very important for our candidate experience!"

Tamica Sears, Atlis Motor Vehicles

"Enlizt is extremely intuitive and not only speeds up our entire hiring process, but engages with all of our hiring teams! Our talent attraction strategies are aligned with what the platform offers, generating great hiring results."

Ana Baseggio Lehmkuhl, DOT digital group

Thousands of recruiters around the world trust Enlizt

Candidate Testimonials

luana-grangeira- avant-health-professionals

"Getting a chance to convey who I am, my work-style, my own goals, and aspirations was something I loved sharing, and it spoke very well about the company’s values and relationship with its employees."

Daniel, Marketing Manager

"This was a unique application process and I got very excited everytime I clicked on ‘next’ button. I especially liked how you emphsize on showing the applicant the company video."

Brenda, Healthcare Professional

"I loved the personal questions throughout the process. It made me feel like my resume wasn’t being screened by a robot. I wasn’t seen as just another applicant but a student who wants a career will get recognized for that."

Karen, HR intern


Innovative solutions that enable your company's
recruitment & selection strategies and intelligent compensation.

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