Pay as you go

No monthly fees

Our pay as you go plan is a flexible alternative to the monthly plan. With this option you buy credits as you need them, without having to commit to a fixed cost every month.

This plan is ideal for companies that don’t have such a high recruiting demand.

And how does it actually work?

Candidates that finish the Enlizt pre-qualification process = 1 Enlizt Credit.

Every candidate that's able to finish your online application process will consume 01 of your credits.

When is an applicant considered a finished candidate?

With Enlizt you can customize and decide what steps you’d like to include in the pre-qualification process. Only applicants that complete this entire process are considered finished candidates, and will cost you 01 Enlizt Credits.

Pre-qualification steps

We don’t think it makes sense for you to pay for a candidate that doesn’t show interest in your job position. So, if an applicant stops in the middle of your pre-qualification process, they don’t consume your credits.

In other words:

You don’t pay for unengaged and uninterested candidates!

  • Company and Position Presentation
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Resume
  • Questionnaire or Quizzes
  • Pre-interview video
  • Finished Candidate!

And how do I add credits?

When you need more credits you can add more directly on our platform. The payment options are Credit Card, PayPal.

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