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At this end of the year, you only hear about one thing: 2019 Strategic Planning!

All departments within a company need to strategize to survive in this competitive market. To do this, they are starting to organize themselves and are putting a plan together to launch it into action in 2019. The Human Resources department can’t be left out in this strategic planning since it’s an essential ‘organ’ in every organization which keeps the company alive, running smoothly and healthy.

The following points are key pillars that you can’t leave out of a strategic HR plan:

Data Analysis

You’ve probably already heard this saying once in your lifetime: The numbers never lie! It’s true, having a robust Human Resources database is without a doubt the best way to analyze a particular scenario before taking any concrete decisions or putting a plan into action. The database can range from candidate pools,  employee surveys or implemented project results. Unfortunately, very few companies understand the value of an accurate and strategic database.  Having data to rely on and guide you ultimately prevents possible risks such as employee turnover, ghosting, retention etc.  

Strategic and Horizontal Management

With the recent wave of startups and tech companies that have revolutionized many practices within the HR industry, a traditional hierarchy is increasingly being overtaken by new leadership models. Positive cultural organizational changes and promoting healthy relationships amongst employees are two of the many important strategies that should be taken into consideration when planning for 2019,  as they bring impacting and lasting results.

These changes also enable the exchange of experiences and points of views,  fundamental for professional growth and, consequently, organizational growth.

Technology as Management Support

Monitoring performance, fostering employee relations and comparing historical data are essential pillars that should be implemented with the help of a  technological tool or platform. You can do all this manually through spreadsheets, however, it’s a proven fact that automation ensures fluidity and agility in your Human Resources processes, in a scalable and strategic environment.

Prevent Online Catfish!  

The internet and social media channels have certainly changed our habits, this includes searching for jobs online and searching for candidates. However, you’ve probably heard of the term being ‘catfished” right? Ever dreamt about that dream company you’ve wanted to work for all your life? Or found the best candidate LinkedIn profile for the job position you just opened? Then you find out you were completely wrong about it all!

Don’t wait to be in the situation to find out that you’ve been ‘catfished’. There are many recruiting tools in the market that minimize these risks and help you optimize your time and costs so you don’t ever have to catfished again. 

Enlizt gives you online screening tools so you can qualify the right professionals before it’s too late!

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Having the option of working remotely

Working remotely has been a very common characteristic of young and modern companies. It may appear to be just a small detail that contributes to company culture, but as a matter of fact, it’s scientifically proven that the liberty that is given to employees by working from home actually increases their productivity and chances of remaining with the company. Some companies are already studying different ways to monitor remote employee work. Companies are now seeking committed and self-motivated employees and people who have the correct behavioral characteristics that allow them to work efficiently from home. 

Once again, you can be sure that technology can help you find these people and implement a work from home culture in your office!

With Enlizt you can create job positions and select if there is a possibility of filling vacancies for professionals who may want or need to work remotely. You can target certain positions for candidates with disabilities, leaving nobody out! Come and meet all the possibilities HERE!


Human Resources is an essential department and a strategic component that helps accelerate a company’s growth. You are the recruiter, leader, and support for your people!  Optimize your value and adopt these pillars within your company bringing a competitive edge to your business. Be a strategic HR professional!

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