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HR statistics for recruitment process

HR has changed the way they recruit Everyone talks about the difference between passive and active job seekers. Passive job seekers are people who are not actively looking for jobs, but would be willing to accept a better offer. Remember, a better offer doesn’t necessarily mean more money. Often times, better offers include ability to […]

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Is your company presenting the right brand image?

How many candidates do you think give up on a job opportunity after watching a company video or reading its job description? Enlizt receives around one hundred thousand  applications every two months, here’s some interesting data we’ve gathered from them. Most candidates give up in the first step of their application process, during the Company […]

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Upgrade your recruiting processes with Recruitment Marketing

Recruitment marketing is a discipline within recruitment in which marketing strategies are applied to Talent Acquisition. Recruitment Marketing is the process of nurturing and attracting talented individuals to your organization using marketing methods and tactics. Even though it has emerged as an HR buzzword, it is now a must-have recruiting strategy. The 4 goals of […]

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How is the recruiting process of your company?

According to Talentlyft, the majority of candidates are sharing negative experiences regarding their application processes and usually stop a process that is taking too long. To turn these numbers around, we must think of our candidates as clients, and put ourselves in their shoes. Would you enjoy your company’s current application process? What would you […]

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Is it really possible to evaluate a candidate in 10 seconds?

30% of recruiters say they discard resumes in up to 10 seconds. A research performed by a recruitment company shows that 30% of recruiters take between 6 to 10 seconds to discard/eliminate a resume for an interview. The average resume evaluation time is 29 seconds, 80% of recruiters don’t take 1 minute to evaluate a […]

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3 tips for an efficient hiring process!

These practical tips will help you be more successful when recruiting and qualifying your candidates. 1) Have a deep understanding of the manager/department requesting the job position: team values, technical competence and interpersonal relations existing within the specific team. 2) Become familiar with the specific functions the candidate will execute, this will help you easily […]

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