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How to give candidates a positive application process!

#ThursdayTrivia of the day: Recruiters, how do you know if you’re giving your candidates an overall positive candidate experience during their application process? These metrics are proved to be important as they are now seen to be an indicator of how your company might value its employees! Thinking about adding a little bit of fun […]

Por em 11/08/2018

3 tips for an efficient hiring process!

These practical tips will help you be more successful when recruiting and qualifying your candidates. 1) Have a deep understanding of the manager/department requesting the job position: team values, technical competence and interpersonal relations existing within the specific team. 2) Become familiar with the specific functions the candidate will execute, this will help you easily […]

Por em 11/06/2018

Are you setting the right job expectations during an interview?

This hashtag#ThursdayTrivia is certainly a topic to think about. Employers, are you making sure that you’re setting the right job expectations during an interview? Candidates, are you asking the right questions? Changing these statistics requires providing an engaging and interactive application process allowing candidates and employees to remain on the same page regarding job expectations. […]

Por em 11/01/2018

Recruiters, why are candidates ghosting you?

#THURSDAYTRIVIA Recruiters, ever wonder why you keep on receiving so many applications but candidates keep ghosting or show no interest in the job? It’s because you’re lacking a strategic filter that only Enlizt can provide you – the opportunity to show candidates what your company is all about through videos BEFORE they begin their application […]

Por em 10/31/2018

The Ghosting Phenomenon: The New Trend Haunting Recruiters & Job Seekers

Ghosting has become a unique but negative trend that’s recently dominated the recruiting and hiring industry. It’s the Michael Myers of recruiting, a cold-blooded act of ignoring, purposely forgetting or avoiding the person who you were in recent communication with. Today, more than ever before, employers and job seekers have been finding themselves ghosted by […]

Por em 10/31/2018

How do you write the perfect job description?

#TuesdayTip! How do you write the perfect job description? The same way that recruiters look for and enjoy reading organized and objective resumés, job seekers also feel attracted to and prefer to read informational, straight-forward job descriptions. Do you want to know more? Follow and read this blog post (https://lnkd.in/gRD3cqV) and get more candidates applying to […]

Por em 10/30/2018

Do you know what the candidate-recruiter cycle is?

Do you know what the candidate-recruiter cycle is? It describes the step by step process that candidates and hiring managers take before, during and after their application and hiring process. With Enlizt, besides being able to automate this entire cycle, you can also simplify, organize and customize each step along the way. As easy as […]

Por em 10/22/2018